cutesexyguys asked:

Fully understand and happy to have found your site. I find straight girls are fun to talk to as we like the same things. Regards Glenn

It is surprising how many of us straight woman, who love to see guys getting it on.  I’ve gotten into a lot of gay porn, through my brother who is gay of course.  But once I saw his videos I was hooked.  Incidentally my brother is straight for pay.

insidensa asked:

Okay so your a straight girl who love gay porn. would you mind if your boyfriend kiss a guy? Asking cause i have a friend like you who begged me to make out with her boyfriend because it would be hot.. lol some fucked up shit to me but it was fun and heard they had crazy sex that night..

I am married now, to the guy I was seeing, and yes I got him to fuck a guy, and it was hot to watch.  I sucked the guy off, even though he was gay, I think he was horny enough to not be a problem for him.

fapdujour asked:

damn your blog is really hot! loving the idea of a straight girl appreciating gay sex! bi guy myself ;)!

I do absolutely love it, and it turns me on more to see two guys, I don’t know what it is, they look more passionate doing it.  In the straight videos, its all overly acted.